How To Support Your Local Brewery During COVID-19

As small businesses across the country are impacted by COVID19 it's critical that consumers shop sma...

Date: Apr 03, 2020

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As small businesses across the country are impacted by COVID-19 it's critical that consumers shop small and local, when possible. To that end, we are working to put together a comprehensive list of breweries affected by Coronavirus and how customers can support them.

Other Ways You Can Support Your Local Brewery

Perhaps the simplest and most direct way to help is by purchasing a gift card. We haven’t included that information but if you click through a brewery’s shop you’ll likely find an option to buy a gift card.

Additionally, purchasing merch, booking an event for the future, or donating funds if breweries have made that available are good ways to directly show your support.

We also encourage you to tip whatever staff is working when you purchase beer.

We encourage you to also keep tabs on your local breweries’ social media accounts for regular updates. We’re hoping to keep this page as up-to-date as possible.

Below you’ll see basic information, In almost all cases–unless otherwise noted–you can expect brewery taprooms to be closed for visitors. This list is organized alphabetically but you can filter the breweries by state.

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