Mother And Daughter Built Cardboard Car To Drive To McDonald Serving Only Drive Thru Customers

A woman and her daughter in Belgium came up with an imaginative solution when their plans to visit a...

Date: May 15, 2020

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A woman and her daughter in Belgium came up with an imaginative solution when their plans to visit a McDonald's drive-thru were frustrated by the fact that they didn't own a car: they built their own car from cardboard.

On May 1, Nathalie Moermans and 16-year-old Marie set off from their home in the city of La Louvière, in southern Belgium, in the homemade vehicle to queue behind cars at a nearby drive-thru.

Nathalie Moermans in cardboard car. Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Nathalie Moermans

The idea came to Moermans after Marie spoke about wanting a McDonald's. Moermans initially said they couldn't go to the only McDonald's that was open, a drive-thru, as they didn't have a car. And because the country is still in lockdown they couldn't borrow anyone else's car. Then she came up with a solution and proposed the pair make their own instead. It took some persuading, but Moermans was able to get her daughter onboard with the plan.

"I took boxes of furniture that I had at home and I made the car," she told Newsweek. "My daughter was embarrassed, but I told her that she would have good memories later and she got ready to go out of the house"

The result was a four-seater made of cardboard with a number plate reading COVID-19. On the outside they wrote: "Sorry, I want a McDonald's but don't have a car."

Nathalie Moermans in cardboard car. Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Nathalie Moermans

After a challenging start getting it out the house (the cardboard replica was a little larger than the front door) the Moermans were on their way. On their journey, they came across a policewoman who questioned them but laughed when told the pair didn't have a car but still wanted to get a meal. Other cars honked and gave them the thumbs up, according to Moermans. While people, including the police and McDonald's employees, stopped to take pictures. In the end, their mission was a success and Moermans and her daughter got their McDonald's order.

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